Monday, 14 November 2016

Kerala Lottery Result Today : STHREE SAKTHI (SS-29)15.11.2016 Tursday

STHREE SAKTHI LOTTERY (SS-29) RESULTS : Welcome to Today's, Today  Kerala lottery result is Live STHREE SAKTHI (SS-29). Weekly lottery draw conducted by Kerala lottery department at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium by Kerala Lottery result Department and the result will be published in the official websites of Kerala Lottery Department, and by 03:00 PM. You can view this Live STHREE SAKTHI Lottery (SS-28) Lottery results today live here today as early as it is possible. Refresh this Live STHREE SAKTHI Lottery (SS-28) Results 15-11-2016 for new winning numbers of  STHREE SAKTHI Lottery (SS-29) Live 

STHREE SAKTHI LOTTERY (SS-29)Lottery Draw Held on TUESDAY – 15/11/2016  

1st Prize- Rs :1,00,00,000/- (1 Crore)
(1 Number; 1 Prize; Common to all Series):

Consolation Prize-Rs.10,000/-
(4 Numbers; 4 Prizes): 

2nd Prize- Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakh)
(5 Numbers; 5 Prizes; 1 in Each Series):

3rd Prize- Rs.1,00,000/- (1 Lakh)
(10 Numbers; 10 Prizes; 2 in Each Series):

If you can't see the numbers please refresh this page and wait for some time
4th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
(1 Numbers; up to 45 Prizes):

5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
(20 Numbers;up to  9,000 Prizes):

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
(40 Numbers;up to  18,000 Prizes): 

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-
(40 Numbers; up to 18,000 Prizes):

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 
(60 Numbers; up to 27,000 Prizes): 

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